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Salon: Gravity, @ Pacitti Company, Ipswich, September 4!

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Salon: Gravity, @ Pacitti Company, Ipswich, September 4!

Mehmet Sander is a hugely important figure in contemporary theatre and performance and we are delighted to welcome him to the Think Tank.

“Gravity is a natural phenomenon by which all physical bodies attract each other,” explains Mehmet. “It is most commonly experienced as this agent causes physical object fall towards the ground.

“My work demonstrates gravity rather than camouflage it as it is done in ballet and most dance forms. Gravity is my collaborator to create profound movement and space use. Gravity is my bedrock for my process and my work.”

Salon: Gravity runs from 7-10pm on Thursday, September 4, and a range of beers and wines will be on sale throughout the evening.

The venue is located between the Ipswich Museum and Art School Gallery on High Street and tickets are just £5.


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