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Suffolk’s Homegrown Music Festival in pictures, by Steven Clark!

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Suffolk’s Homegrown Music Festival in pictures, by Steven Clark!

Many festival goers enjoyed music, camping, bonfires and silent discos throughout the weekend, a little rain wasn’t going to put these two off!


Huge Twisted Piglet fans (you probably had to be there…), DINGUS KHAN explode as Friday’s finale act.


Thy Last Drop, no, not the beer! Local Victorian murder punks Thy Last Drop get the crowds dancing and plug their new beer…


“I’ve said it once, I’ve said it a thousand times, we’re not psychedelic warriors of rock, that’d be weird! We’re PSYCHEDELIC ROCK WARRIORS!” - Pale Fires


Soft Like Keys (that’s not a typo). Bury supergroup mashup of bands Soft Like Camel and Keys.


Festival organiser, Glen Moulds, nominated for the Ice Bucket Challenge. Daughters, wife and colleagues more than happy to help.


After an intimate meet-and-greet session, headliner Matt Cardle blows fans away with a breathtaking performance.

Words and Photography: Steven Clark


1 Daisy Jones | on 31 August 2014

Looks pretty amazing - I’m jealous I wasn’t there!

2 Howard | on 01 September 2014

Next year Miss Jones. You can vox pop the crowds while Steven takes more awesome photos.

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