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1 Howard | on 05 March 2009

This is so absolutely lovely. You’re voice is gorgeous.  Amazing, I love it! My new favourite song on the showoff, definitely!

2 Reb Capper | on 10 March 2009

Thanks v much Howard smile I found your stuff too, ‘tis cool. You should come along to Song Writers at the Steamboat every first and third thursday to play some of your stuff or hear other tracks! And that goes for anyone else reading this too! Although the one next week is actually on a Friday. Curious.


3 Bass Piratez | on 13 March 2009

Wowies, this is really nice! Nicely done :D

4 Ian David | on 26 March 2009

I’m hearing it, in my fingers…

It’s going to work… so well…

How wonderfull smile

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