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I wrote this on a train journey to Bristol. It’s about new beginnings, second chances and the anticipation of seeing somebody for the first time in a while.

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So here I am,
travelling the hours, the time put before us.
The distance stretches past me,
the miles yawn and I stretch,

I am calm as I picture your face
as I pick it out in my mind
in the crowd and I know.
I know your face, every part
that I’ve memorised,
folded away neatly at the back of my mind for safekeeping.

I think back to the tracks I’ve travelled along
with you
to you
I smile.
The view took my breath away. Breathe.

I dream of times where we can run free,
elope to the horizon,
come back later for the rest,
reckless together, not alone.

I pull in to the station
and I am complete again,
your arms wait for me.
I hold my breath. Breathe.


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