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Pete (The Temp) vs Climate Change!

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Pete (The Temp) vs Climate Change!

“Poetry’s answer to Mark Thomas…expert performance”

Pete the Temp is a poet, activist and a damn fine administrator who is attempting to solve climate change using only his mouth. Part spoken word, part stand up and part TED talk, the show tells the story of some of Pete’s greatest moments in his quest to stop climate chaos, from misbehaviour in supermarkets to a siege of the Royal Bank of Scotland. Will he succeed? This is a personal tale of temp jobs, bank sieges and arrest, with video evidence and audience participation. 

Pete Bearder or Mr The Temp (BA, MA PDF) is a poet, educator and human beat-box. He is a member of the Spoken Word Educators, a group of writers and teachers seeking to transform six London schools through teaching poetry, performance, team-building and leadership in schools and after-school clubs.

He is the former Hammer & Tongue National Poetry Slam Champion and BBC Radio 4 South of England Slam Winner, whose work combines spoken word with audience participation and music to get people bouncing.

Pete is coming to Ipswich on Saturday 4 October as part of the 2014 Switch Fringe. He’ll be at the Steamboat Tavern at 7pm and best of all, tickets are free. 

You can find out more and book tickets here:


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