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Review: Macbeth, Mercury Theatre, Colchester!

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Review: Macbeth, Mercury Theatre, Colchester!

Daisy Jones reviews Macbeth, at Mercury Theatre in Colchester until October 18

A bright, nearly-full moon hangs over Colchester as I arrive at Mercury Theatre for their latest production – Macbeth. With the long, winter nights drawing in, it’s the perfect time to see this atmospheric production of Shakespeare’s famous tragedy.

The show is a wonderful blend of old and new: gun-toting soldiers fight against a backdrop of edgy music and the Bard’s incomparable language.

Cool guys don’t look at explosions

The performance is constantly haunted by the sporadic appearances of the three witches, but the startling arrival of the spectre at the feast and a stunning sequence with a host of masked figures have to be the stand-out moments of horror.

Is this seat taken?

Stuart Laing’s intimate portrayal of Macbeth holds fast throughout the performance, reinforced by a large and impressive cast. And something has to be said for the incredibly talented (and adorable) Max Halls and Alec D’Arcy Jones, who as the youngest actors in the production still manage to hold their own.

You’ll grow into those pyjamas

“Macbeth has always struck me as an extraordinary story about children and childlessness,” says director Daniel Buckroyd, “And this is a part of the play that we have certainly sought to explore further in this production.”

If you’re in search of something scary before Halloween comes, look no further!

Photography: Robert Day


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