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dorkbot anglia sixteen @ CSV Media, Ipswich, November 6!

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dorkbot anglia sixteen @ CSV Media, Ipswich, November 6!

dorkbot anglia is a regular evening of talks and conversations with “people doing strange things with electricity” in the East Anglian area

Based locally, the dorks have been going strong for several years, and this event at CSV Media in Ipswich is their sixteenth get together.

So, if you’re a dork, or a bot (bots are particularly welcome as a walking/talking robot would definitely ignite interest among the regulars), and if you do “strange things with electricity”, and if you haven’t got an exciting date or anything – we suggest you don your winter coat and get down to the Old Crown Court in Ipswich, which is where those dudes at CSV Media now reside.

The dorkbot anglia website has full details of the event, so click through to find out more.


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