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Ipswich Comic Con @ Ipswich Town Hall, November 29!

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Ipswich Comic Con @ Ipswich Town Hall, November 29!

Nerds from across Suffolk can look forward to Ipswich Master-Con at Ipswich Town Hall on November 29

According to the organisers, “the event will be bursting to the seams with specialist traders from across the country, bringing everything from vintage movie and TV related toys, to the latest super-articulated action figures, plus video games, posters, comic books, gifts, models, Lego, geeky crafts, autographs, prints and much moreā€¦”

You get the picture.

Kids, big kids, kids somewhere in between childhood and adulthood, and elderly kids are all expected to descend on what is a well-timed event just a few weeks before Christmas.

We think it’s worth covering on the basis that Ipswich is full of nerds who like this sort of thing, plus Batman’s cool…

For those of you with a worrying penchant for Joker’s Henchman in Batman films, you will be excited to discover that Norwich-born Martin Ballantyne, who featured in The Dark Knight, will also be making a star appearance at the con.

(It is worthy of note that Martin also appeared in the 2012 film Z-lister, which charts the life of a failed actor who does signings at Sci-Fi conventions…)

Ipswich Comic Con


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