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The paper hats are torn and the turkey has already been reincarnated into several sandwiches and you’re in the awkward time between Christmas and New Year. So, put down the mince pies and let me remind you of some of the highlights in the Arts in Ipswich in 2014.

Top of the draw has to be Spill Festival 2014. Back at the programme launch in September, festival director Robert Pacitti stated; “It’s the future of art and yes it’s in Ipswich”. Yes it was in Ipswich, the theme was surrender and surrender we did. For those not in the loop, experience the festival from a digital distance here at Spill TV:

Although please remember nothing beats the actual experience of for example; smelling the potent whiff of Airfix glue at; Assembly (Steve Slater), at the old police station, or the experience of; Siren (Ray Lee), to surrender to its hypnotic beauty in the flesh.

Cast your minds back to May to remember the wonders of Pulse Festival 2014 where my most potent memory is from Hetain Patel’s performance; American Boy, where I believe I wasn’t the only one who exited the venue Dance East wanting to be Spiderman, or at least have a snazzy Spiderman outfit.

Rewind further to January which saw the end of the exhibition; This Me of Mine, curated by Jane Boyer at Ipswich Art School. Our invisible physical presence we project online connects us to social networks and presents a side to our existence which we construct and leave traces of by liking and following. The exhibition reminded me of how we are connected with technology and allow it to infect our world to change our everyday lives, sometimes irrevocably.

This is my top three of arts highlights in Ipswich over 2014, share yours using #Ip1highlights.

But remember, 2014 isn’t over yet – make the most of those awkward days in the run up to new year; pop into Ipswich Art School to see @PaintBritain an exhibition of contemporary British painting by 45 different artists from across the UK, well worth a gander.


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