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Bindanox back on Housefly Records

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Bindanox back on Housefly Records

Six months have passed since the first Bindanox release on Housefly Records. Now Lisbon-born producer Nelson Binda hits us with a new EP, and continues to shine a light on the old skool sound that made his first EP popular. Many have described his style as Kraftwerk meets Afrika Bambaataa but he just describes himself as an honest beat maker with a vision for his music

Where has Bindanox moved from the last release? Do you feel you’ve grown into your new sound almost matured from the last release?
I think the Total Freedom release is more balanced and focused. I had an idea where to take its sound and I worked from there. The Rewind the Future release, of which I am still proud, was more like me having the first few steps in a direction that I wasn’t too sure of. I definitely wasn’t sure where would take me. It was more personal and in some ways a bit too serious.

What inspiration did you draw on for this one? How much do they differ from the last release?
Well, I do listen to Mr Oizo more than any other artist. I have been a fan of his music since that ridiculous and wicked tune Flat Beat exploded into my ears. What I like about it is his approach to music is that you can be creative without the need to be so serious, have fun, take risks, and make mistakes. The Total Freedom title came from that.

What is your opinion of the music industry at the moment?
I think it’s healthy as there’s more variety. The purists will say everything in the charts it’s terrible and there’s lack of talent. In a way I agree, but that has happened since the start of music. Without genres like pop and with all the commercial stuff that goes with it, the underground wouldn’t be able to be as bold and adventurous as it is. I think why follow trends and hypes, we all have the choice and power to try and be different.

Which side of the fence do you sit? Trent Reznor or Lars Ulrich?
Well both of them are very talented. Lars has his reasons on why he wants to tackle all the companies involved in sharing his music for free. Trent has his reasons on why he puts his stuff on the web so people can remix or do whatever they want with it. I personally prefer the latter.

The title of your last EP, Rewind the Future, seemed to refer in part to the styles of music inside – would that be a fair assessment? So this time around does the title hold as much significance?
Not really… Late last year a friend of mine, Jeremy Johnson who hails from Bristol asked me what the Rewind the Future title meant and I told him: ‘What yesterday was, the future is today the present.’ It’s that feeling sometimes when you are looking forward for something and then it’s not actually that good – it’s like fuck, I wish I could rewind the future (today) and wait for something else instead. The Total Freedom EP title is about that feeling when you have to be true to yourself. For me making the songs that you really want, in the way you want and not following trends or hypes is what it’s all about. As I have said being true to yourself is the most important thing.

If you could have a meal with any four people alive or dead who would they be and why?
The first person would be my late grandfather, John Binda. He was really important to me. He taught me to never look back and always treat people decently. Nelson Mandela might sound like a bit of a cliché but like my grandfather, who was also from South Africa, he stood for being true to yourself and your beliefs also I won’t mind telling him that it is a great honour to be his name sake. Mano Chao! The French-born musician I love his style and have always thought it would be great to meet him one day. Lastly, it has to be Robin Williams, the great comedian. In fact, just thinking about him makes me smile – can you imagine the chaos? Having Robin at the meal would be a blast!

Which music inspires your production process? Does the music you listen to have any bearing on what genre your personal produce?
I listen to so many different types of music so it’s hard for me to say what inspires me. I believe that unconsciously, everyone is influenced by everything. I like the thought of what I make influencing others like one big circle. One artist I am particular enjoying at the moment is Deadpoole. He is from Ipswich, and I think he really does have a bright future ahead of him.

What else is to come from Bindanox? Do you think the project has longevity?
I already have a few things lined up but maybe at the last minute i might scrap everything and start all over again.. As long as I have imagination and a bit of creativity I think I will always carry on doing what I do. Regardless of what name I put on it.

What would be your album or band of the last year?
I have to say I haven’t listened to that many but I would go for Run The Jewels / Run The Jewels 2.

With the Brits coming up what is your opinion of the lack of rock and fringe artists represented among the nominees?
It’s always about sales and trends, isn’t it? Until rock ’n’ roll starts being again cool and selling by the truckload, you will see this trend. Having said all of that I do really like both Ed Sheeran and Sam Smith – their sound is really passionate and genuine. There’s lots of music out there; there’s good and bad in every genre.

Total Freedom is available to download for free from Housefly Records official website and archive page


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