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Now fully recovered from the wondrous onslaught of SPILL festival the Think Tank is opening its doors to the mercy of visitors once again with four fresh events between April and June.

The first event is by Ipswich based artist, Giovanna Maria Casetta (Gina). Cassetta’s practice spans performance, film and installation and is tied to a constant theme of fragility and loss. The event, The Retrospective Box, is an evening of discussion of a career spanning 20 years on Thursday 9th April, 7pm – 10pm.

A favourite of ours is the Reading Room. This treat is a feast of books related to live art, performance, ritual, politics and lots more besides.  Indulge from 11-6pm on Friday 29th May in a special one-day open access alternative public library. Did we mention this one’s free of charge?

Another pick is the intriguing Salon: What Makes You Feel Alive? Answers on a postcard please. In this Salon, Madeleine Botet De Lacaze will reflect and talk about her recent performance Carrying Stones – an investigation into our body’s resilience and survival instinct, inspired by Virginia Woolf’s suicide. Pen this one in your diaries it’s on Thursday 28th May, 7pm – 10pm and the vigilant among you will have noticed that this is the evening before the Reading Room opens.

For more information on the events be sure to take a look at the upcoming events page here: 


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