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Like my photograph
Look guys, new pants
This guy can’t dance
This guy’s too fat
What happened next you won’t believe
The Muslims live right on your street
Selfies are selfless
Raising awareness
Ice bucket challenges
Making a difference
Like and share to help find the answer
A click of your mouse for the baby with cancer
Photographs videos, family vacation
Another beheading, a paranoid nation
Cctv captures the accidents
A cellphone camera, to capture the idiots
Picture after picture of baby after baby
Laughing, smiling, crying, crawling
Seen by a Saville by the morning
Trolling paedophiles easy access
Hacking into personal database
Everything about me on the cloud
How’d they know I sing in the shower?
Dangerous chemicals, global warming
Snow storms, eminent without warning
Fast food is bad for you
But so is fruit
Do you have sporadic moods?
Diagnosed bi polar
Non conformity disorder
Look at this chick helping out in Africa
Animal cruelty is unacceptable
Don’t forget the new tower meal!
Chinas pollution above the average
All we need is a little more plastic
Politicians stealing and lying again
Do you feel you’re being force fed?
Justin beiber’s misbehaving
These hungry people still need feeding
Send them a pic of the nandos I’m eating
I’ve sent it out to everyone else
And they all will bitch behind my back
And I act like I don’t care at all
But it’s attention I wanted after all
Answer the questions
Take the test
Which of the characters suits you best
Crazy friends and their drunken stunts
Don’t talk to her she’s such a c**t
How could you delete me from your friends list
I know you blocked me there’s an app for that shit
I’m a slactavist trained in discourteous ways
The things I say could change the way
You think about the world in front of you
It won’t, but you’ll have inflated my ego
Have your say because Your vote counts
Freedom of speech but not the full amount
No homophobic comments
Or racist jousts
You know that’s all ukip is all about
Speaking of ukip, let’s talk immigration
Foreigners are the problem, not procreation
It’s people moving here
Not the ones having litters
That steal the benefits and make us bitter
Don’t hang out with friends
There’s no conversation
You know all about their new vocation
And the fact they cleaned the kitchen last night
Nothing sacred nothing right
Look it’s my legs and feet at the beach!
All the guys who add me on Facebook are creeps
I can wear what I want and you’ll want what I wear
Got my Selfie stick, non self aware
To catch a predator, I’m innocent
Half naked and pouting, rarely decent
Social mediated hypocrite
I know, cause this will probably end up on it.


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