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Pump & Grind, eat and drink!

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Pump & Grind, eat and drink!

People power has helped new Ipswich cafe/bar Pump & Grind to be granted a temporary booze license!

Over 1,100 local people have shown their support for new Ipswich cafe/bar Pump & Grind in their bid to be granted a license to sell alcohol. Today, the amazing news is that Suffolk police, who originally refused Pump & Grind a license, have now made a U-turn and granted them a temporary one.

In a statement released via their page, Pump & Grind said:

“After a week of negotiations, we have been granted a temporary license to sell alcohol this Saturday! Booze will be available from 1pm until 1am, so come down and join us for a pint!

“We still have a long way to go to get our full license, but talks with the police are going well.”

Delicious food from local producers Diddlesticks is also now available at Pump & Grind – great for soaking up the beer

Well done to everyone who signed and shared the petition, to the local council for being helpful in the process, and a belated well done to the police for finally seeing sense.

We wish Pump & Grind owners, Abby and Tom, every success and are very proud of the local community for getting behind them in their time of need.


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