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Project Mork & Shithouse @ McGinty’s, Ipswich, Sunday 27 Sept!

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Project Mork & Shithouse @ McGinty’s, Ipswich, Sunday 27 Sept!

A top night of hardcore punk for less than the price of a pint

Project Mork describe themselves as ...“Shabba-Thrash, Hardcore Punk, techy, metally, skanky, dancy, fast, heavy and fun.” Anybody lucky enough to have seen them before will whole-heartedly agree with all of that! They truly are a band who cross genres and no write up can really do them justice! They went down a treat last time they played Ipswich. Don’t miss out!

Shithouse are a three piece that play loud, heavy, fast and distorted, good ole fashioned hardcore punk rock – just how you like it! Guaranteed to make you jump about the place like a right loon, and chuck your friends in the air. Influenced by Motorhead and with D.I.Y ethics. Featuring members of Ill Gotten Gains.

Full event details can be found here


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