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Thank you for your humanity
In this current situation.
Placing blame solely on victims
Like some kind of product placement.
I gave your vacant, vacuous thoughts that lack all information
The attention they deserve
And ignored them.
Based on all the facts & stats
You’re faced with
It’s incredible to me that you
Can turn the other cheek until
You’ve turned your fucking face
Into that place you seem to
Base all of your current inspiration. Your arse is where I mean,
I mean that shit you seem to shout,
And plagiarise the words of ones you know nothing about.
You’re angry but don’t know why,
Confused but don’t know how,
There’s no conclusion that you come to for the vitriol you spout.
If you can’t stand the heat of the curry then leave the kitchen,
You deserve to be blown up if Britain First is your religion.
Shock horror.
As your mock honour is mocked,
Help for the heroes whose families are always shocked
When they see that their images
Are used to front a cause
That they fully disagree with
And are not the reason they went to war.
It’s too easy to be ignorant,
It takes time to understand,
To read up & learn about
Why people leave their land…
I urge you to do so.


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