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10th October: Junkaloo Festival: The Brewery Tap.

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10th October: Junkaloo Festival: The Brewery Tap.

So summer is officially over now which means that all the annual events, markets and general outdoorsy, fun stuff must be over for another year right? It’s time to hibernate and watch re-runs of old Top Gear episodes on Dave until summer 2016 right?

Well you couldn’t be more wrong my friend! You need to get yourself to the The Brewery Tap on the 10th October to join the fun at their annual Junkaloo Festival!

Like a travelling circus of obscure delights this event combines your more traditional activities such as Aspall Cyder tasting, the wonderful Banham Zoo Animal Roadshow and the classic of all English Festivals; Morris dancing (nothing quite epitomises English eccentricity as men wearing funny costumes with bells on their legs in my eyes), alongside your slightly more ‘offbeat’ options such as learning to ride a unicycle, hitting the bullseye on the archery range or entering your pooch in the world famous (in Ipswich) ‘Dogs- Who- Look- Like- Their- Owners’ contest- although I wouldn’t take it as a compliment if you won!

There are so many food options from local vendors that you’ll be spoilt for choice but if you can leave a little room, there will be the opportunity to sample some of the entries of The World Pickled Egg Championship- one of the slightly more ‘unique’ draws of the Junkaloo Festival- which is something not to be missed (unless of course you find the idea of eggs pickled in vinegar kind of gross then I’d stick to the more traditional pies and cheese options instead).

Mike Keen, owner of The Brewery Tap and brainchild behind The World Pickled Egg Championship, claims that the Junkaloo is the ultimate “celebration of the English pub - morrismen in the car park, roasting hog turning over the coals, tables groaning with the weight of legendary sausage rolls & handmade pork pies… Free to get in as well - we’re trying to remind people that a good pub could and should be a hub for the community - it’s not just about coming out for a meal or a special occasion but an everyday place where people can hang out, chat and generally socialise. We should wrest the art of conversation back from Facebook et al!!!”

With great live music too, there’s sure to be an amazing atmosphere, so if you’re at a loss this weekend and fancy being a part of something really special then don’t hesitate to head over to The Brewery Tap and celebrate all things great about the English pub.


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