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Picadilly (Mr Officer)

“Picadilly (Mr Officer)”
Prod. Myself!
61 Grace album

As i explained @ rapsploitation sessions february show…this is my obligatory ‘f@%! the police’ track….. but not really..i’ve had friends who are police, just as much as iv’e had friends who are/were criminals…so i respect both sides of the “hustle”.....don’t getit twisted, some police are fucked up..maybe more than those that are fair and genuine…but not all are….i’m not doing with stereotyping or labeling collective ideas on a certain “group” or people…...

However…i do not like the harassment i’ve experienced from police…i mean, yeh sure, if i got a bomb on me…you’re a hero…but from my point of view, it’s fucking embarassing to be stoped and searched in a public place when i’m a righteous MOTHERFUCKER.

So this track derives from a certain incident that happened a couple summers ago @ picadilly train station in manchester (shouts to deepo, the graduate & jun tzu, the bomber..) incident that since has repeated itself several times.

hope you enjoy the joint…oh it’s produced by me also… n shit…..ha.


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