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paps first creation!

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paps first creation!


1 M Catling | on 02 April 2009

hey dude
the image is swirl :D

2 michelle sattaur | on 09 November 2009

hey i remember when you did this one ! you must do more more more !

3 brunswick | on 10 November 2009

thanks michelle!! there is more more more!! i did about 4-5 different colour schemes to this print, will post them on my page if you wanted to check them out…..

4 michelle sattaur | on 11 November 2009

i know i was there, in bills class when you did them, you dont know who i am do you ? you gave me a mr scruff badge !

5 brunswick | on 11 November 2009

ahhh!! the penny dropped!! i remember!! hope you are all cool…......

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