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She found me
Fatigue nearly changed our course
But of course!
I stole her wine
To steal us more time
To realise the serendipitous serenity
Of her hand held in mine
She astounded me
Heidi provided the insight
Into her marvelous mind
And each day since I’ve fallen
And again.
Had the Captain sign the certificate
In his hand as we held hands
In a cage surrounded by sharks!
She doesn’t understand
The multitude of technicoloured light-bulbs
She strung among my dying stars. 
She looked at me with total brilliance
In awe of life her eyes shone brighter
Than the sun’s reflection on the sea
Grey skies and the blue sea
Grey sharks and your love for me
Blue eyes and my love for She
She who loves to write in pencil
And organise stationary <3


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