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The Pigeons are more important

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The Pigeons are more important

I am not like these
I stir and heed
I want the pigeons beside me
They are not like me
They stamp their feet
Another show of power from the elite
Blackened, striped
He’s grey or blue
Have you never wanted any colour on you?

An indignant air of importance
Pah! the pigeons are more important

I know
Your pigmented heir
deceitfully actualises your self worth
A bank balance birthed

What ties to nature does a suit have?
Arrogance implies his invaluable craft
Is to escape natures inevitable path
Never to smoulder and flail
But he will.
He deserves what he’s earned.

Kicking pigeons
I curse him with mans fire
Smoke in disapproving eyes
Down thick throats lined with lies
Barely alive your retina’s burnt
Wailing wallets of curling plastic
Your fantastical wealth derived
From that learned mind of business

I’m asking
What business is it of yours to add to the destruction
What’s your money worth when you’re buried in the putrid ground
The life giving earth you never invested in
Will in time suck on your stinking, sticky body
and eat your skin
You’ll be reborn as a mighty tree
Only to be chopped down
And your soul reincarnated into dirty money

That tie does look great on you though.



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