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1 Tom | on 10 September 2008

The one of the top left looks like an alarm clock!

2 Rezined | on 10 September 2008

Thanks for choosing the name for this character Tom! ALARM ha-ha!

3 Tom | on 10 September 2008

The bottom right one looks like a wonky Clanger (did you ever see that show?)

4 Howard | on 11 September 2008

The one bottom-middle has got a very big belly button.

5 Sophiee | on 12 September 2008

it isnt a belly button, its a mouth. He’s shocked. Or She. I like the dark blue one best

6 Rezined | on 06 October 2008

Havent seen this show but I like the name Wonky Clanger!There are 3 Ippies left without names.. any ideas?))

The dark blue one was the first I’ve done:)

7 shazy | on 13 November 2009

The top middle is like a bird, maybe a toucan? hehe. all very cute in a strange way.

8 Tom Wheeler | on 14 November 2009

top right reminds me of trains and dr.who?
nice job

9 Squid | on 25 April 2012

Top middle is a very sad puffin….:( Poor little pinky puffin

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