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Let’s all Live a Little bit Greener

10 tree critters, 10 embroidered canvses

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Let’s all Live a Little bit Greener


1 Sophiee | on 12 September 2008

Wow! They’re awesome! did you make them all?
stupid question.
I love how they’re like, hanging off the washing line. reflects the ‘live a bit greener’ theme. Green ids definately my favourite colour. Tree critters. They’re even more awesome than Ugly Dolls!!

2 lozz berry | on 14 May 2009

sophie how does it “reflects the ‘live a bit greener’ theme.” may i ask

3 Sophiee | on 15 May 2009

using a washing line instead of a tumble dryer, duh! raspberry (not that you’d put those in a tumble dryer, but still)

4 Howard | on 15 May 2009

hello sophie, how’s you? hey, soon we’ll be able to chat live on the ip1 website. how exciting!

5 Sophiee | on 15 May 2009

hey Howard, I’m doing good thanks! 3 more weeks and my exams will be over and I’ll be able to come back to IP1 again. still havent seen the new office yet!!

6 lozz berry | on 15 May 2009

then you shalnt have to talk on comments, it looks like they have gone through with the colours!

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