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I faced you across our
Cardboard divide-
Expressions in place.
You brandished your king,
I eyed my queen.

Your pale horses had cloaks,
My dark knights sweet intentions,
And we danced beneath the electric light,
Towards our black and white
Regal standoff –
Egos stretched and eyes half closed
As the pieces swayed across the
Board – drunk on their own demise.

There is magic in such studied movement;
Each of us two steps ahead like
Dancers waiting for their partners;
Both hoping the other has been left behind
But also wishing them close, close, closer.

In my mind, we will sit like that forever,
Silent, barely moving
Until forever falls apart –
You still contemplating your next move,
While I ache and dream that you will
Disregard these imitation lives –
Leap from the table,
Claim your rightful crown, 
And take me for your queen.


1 Howard | on 21 April 2009

This is really, really good Miranda. A chess metaphor for a relationship is potentially dodgy, yet you nail it with the last line!

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