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The bed fell out of itself this morning,
So we left it uncovered in our cold skins
And ran to the windows.
The cover monsters roared at the
Old wallpaper, and at us, so out of reach.

I realised, standing in my duvet dressing gown,
How large we sometimes are,  framed in our small spaces..
How low and how high our skies and ceilings can be.

And it’s strange, how the streets wern’t beautiful `til
The shutters opened in the sunshine
And trapped my waiting fingers.
The tears that sprang to my eyes made me realise
All the beauty that hides behind those
Sharp pinpricks of pain.

Then I looked at you, and we shared a moment of
Total ignorance.
And for all that we are all so insignificant,
Such brief sparks in time,
In that moment, I believed in magic.
The sun never shone brighter, and
There was never more said in so much silence.


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