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Natalie Esther | IP1

Natalie Esther

Natalie Esther


Natalie, a lot of people call me Chew.
-it’s a long story.

My portfolio would be very vast if I ever put all my work in one place.

my pieces. your pieces. essays. debates. fanfiction. fictionfiction. scrawls on reciepts. poems on birthday cards. poems online. I <3 danny forever, etched into my desk. saga. fantasy. midnight dreams, with a pen by my bed. little phrases on my my arm, paper, book, chair. Whatever’s closest. Reviews. Critiques. Rants. The occasional argument, which I wouldn’t call hate mail. . . Inside of books. Notes, penciled in to translate. What your mind, tells my mind, when I mind to remember. Quotes, plays “We accept the love with think we deserve” Postsecret. Un posted secrets. Year 5 100 word stories. Aged 16 novel, 30 chapters in and the plots still coming. Harry potter, when is my Hogwarts letter coming? Dorian Gray; I’m almost sad the film has been made. Jane Austin. English-English accents. Scottish history, jewish words. Connotations. Innuendos, illicit explicit, locked up in a note pad under my bed.

...Maybe I shouldn’t make a portfolio.

Age: 28

Gender: Female

Location: Ipswich

Website: http://myspace.com/xxxnatsxxx

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Join Date: 07/09/2009

Last Login: 10/06/2010

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