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Martin Carter | IP1

Martin Carter

Martin Carter


I have an exhibition on from 1st November until 30th November at The Frame Workshop and Gallery, situated at 22, St, Nicholas Street. It is called UNSEENBEAUTY: see what eye see.

I have a poster hunt competition currently on my facebook page to run alongside my exhibition. For a detailed map of the hunting ground (Ipswich Town Centre) check:


A bit about me:

I have traveled roads, ocean’s, continents & countries observing the colour & texture of the environment surrounding us. I have combed beaches, walked across fields & flown around the world to locate similarities shared upon this earth.

I observe nature from a painters viewpoint. The landscapes I document reveal much about the environment they find themselves in. The impact of this environment leaves its imprint on the objects I choose to not name.

I choose specific sites which draw from my personality, I hold great interest for curiosity & the importance of knowing truth, observing reality.

I trained at Ipswich Art School, Colchester Institute of fine art, then broke with convention to explore publishing & marketing. Now after many years I have returned to what can only be described as my true obsession, my religion, my life.

Age: 43

Gender: Male

Location: Ipswich

Website: www.vesicacreative.com

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