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Alex Body | IP1

Alex Body

Alex Body


Alex Body is a Suffolk based Alternative Pop/Rock songwriter and musician.

“He is entertainment”

The superlatives to accurately describe Alex Body’s music have not yet been discovered, though linguists the world over tirelessly work towards this feat. Alex Body, however, is not a linguist, but a musical explorer.

His band, consisting of stunt bassist (and feral wolf man) ‘Andy Clarke’, and future android drummer ‘Alex Dunbar’ (see below), push the boundaries of music song performance concerts to new levels of excitement and entertainment – never just playing a gig, but performing (and creating) an exceptional event.

To anyone for whom current music isn’t enough, who want more, or who have outgrown the ordinary; let Alex Body restore your faith in the best thing in the world: music.


Alex Body (not to be confused with former British prime-minister ‘John Major’ was born exclusively in 1989. Since then he has been relatively healthy and very exciteable. Despite suffering from bouts of intensity and an uncontrollable urge to fiddle with things his music career has been short and illustrious being the first musician ever to play aboard the International Space Station, and the only musician (on record) to be declared by the pope ‘Better than God’. 2010 sees the release of an as yet untitled album with some seriously exciting stuff on it, not least the first on-record outing of his truly exceptional band consisting of Alex Dunbar and Andy Clarke… see below:


I’m constantly asked about the truth in the rumours that are spread about these two marvelous “people” so I feel it is only right for me to set the world straight about exactly who it is that I play with and what their stories are.

We start, alphabetically, with Andy “Wolf” Clarke.

Andy started life between 20 and 25 years ago in the depths of the Caucuses in unconfirmed circumstances. Shortly after his birth he was adopted by a pack of wolves where he learned how to eat, walk, hunt and howl.

As a species with a distinct heirarchy the as yet unnamed Andy, overwhelmed by his human instincts to lead; gradually challenged and defeated (sometimes brutally, and fatally) the lower echelons of his pack until at around the age of 13 he assumed control of his own pack of wolves.

Eventually, after a scavenge, Andy noticed he had retrieved a piece of technology; a hard shiny box, which for a short time played back sounds of beauty - it was a CD player which, whilst the batteries lasted, played - for days and days the single of Madonna’s “Material Girl”, which Andy still regards as his favourite, and indeed most moving piece of music of all time.

Shortly after discovering this, willed on by his new discovery, he was determined to find more items. He traveled north with his pack in tow and slept rough in the cities of Georgia, eventually finding a home in a Georgian coastal town “Poti”. After sleeping in the relative comfort of the docks, he managed to pick up elements of the local dialect, and he fell in love with a Russian Air Force pilot who took him quite literaly “under his wing” and flew him to the UK in 2005.

As the Ilyushin-76 cargo plane landed at Birmingham airport, Andy heard sounds - like Madonna - but better. His search was coming to an end.

Across the road from the airport Canadian Power-trio “Rush” were playing at the Birmingham NEC. Using his wolf-covert skills Andy snuck back stage and had his first bass lesson with (now hero) Rush bassist “Geddy Lee”. Geddy , as a close friend of mine, recommended he join my band and the rest is history…

Why “stunt-bassist”, you ask? Well, his bass playing is so fast, it creates heat, wind and nuclear radiation so potent it truly is ridiculous to stand anywhere near him whilst he plays. Long may it continue little stunt-howler, long may it continue…

Alex, “The Drumminator” (actually a D-101 rhythm droid) on the other hand is a chronologically old, and yet as yet un-created android which I inherited from my unborn great-great-grandson “Texaco McDonalds Body”.

Texaco created Alex as the first in a series of rhythm based droids Which is why Alex’s timing and rhythmic precision is perfect, and yet his social skills are so undeveloped you would be forgiven for thinking he was designed by a young, stupid, lazy child.

Alex’s emotions or “robotions”, while basic, do span from “alright” to “angry” and every basic grey area in between.

His drumming though, is truly a sight to behold - and while loud enough to mask the metallic clunking of titanium and whirring of his arm servos, its quiet enough to enjoy.

The preceeding is, to my knowledge, entirely true - so please if you have any further questions about my band come here first to see if your questions have been answered.


Mobile: 07530 648525

E-mail: .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

Star Co-Ordinates: 7454.6

Age: 32

Gender: Male

Location: Felixstowe

Website: www.alexbody.com

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