Latest heavyweights to be kickin’ up fuss on the Dupstep scene are Ipswich badboys Staffy & Maverick, a.k.a. cousins Nick and Craig Wells. Making music together since December 2009, the duo are shaping their sound into a cohesive sub-bass assault, fully utilizing their varying influences and backgrounds: Staffy (Craig) took a more traditional route into Dubstep and arrived via the Drum & Bass and Grime scenes, whereas Maverick (Nick) draws inspiration from the brutal chug of Heavy Metal and Rock. Luckily for Dubstep, they’ve managed to find common ground in a love for bass-driven filth!

Describing their music as stylistically “bipolar” S&M are an act built on extremes with solid aggression pitched against progressive experimentation.  Their sound is heavy, but intricate and accessible all in one go.

Despite a relatively late arrival to the scene, the boys have achieved a lot in a short space of time. Before even releasing a track, S&M’s “Chucked Love” has become an overnight YouTube sensation, with literally hundreds of thousands of fans baying for a release! Not to mention the reception the pair have received from BBC Introducing, with a number 7 spot in “Best of 2009” run down!

Future plans see the gruesome twosome releasing over iTunes, Amazon, eMusic, etc. Via Test Pilot Music’s electronica imprint Love & Cake Digital, alongside diverse acts such as BitBasic, Miaoux Miaoux, DataSlut and Oicho (a.k.a. Dave Harrow).

Age: NA

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Location: Ipswich


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