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Suffolk 'n' Cool


Every week (since Jan 2006), another 45 minutes or so of the finest, most carefully selected, new, independent music you’ve never heard, delivered as a podcast. You can listen to any and all of the past shows and find direct links to all the artists via Shownotes on the website.

The Suffolk’n’ Cool shows have been quietly building a great reputation among artists as well as listeners.

Producer/presenter Peter Clitheroe collaborates with musicians around the world to bring you the best of music from towards the quirky end of the musical spectrum. One thing is for sure, the artists we feature are as committed as we are.

A free subscription through iTunes or any other “podcatcher” is by far the easiest way of keeping up with “the very best of what’s new”. Of course, that means that you might have enough spare change left to buy some of the great music you hear on the show - direct from the artists and trusted independent labels.

Peter Clitheroe: UK-based pod/broadcaster specialising in independent music. He brings a fine pair of ears and experience of working with some legendary musicians.

Your weekly dose of the very best independent music from all around the world - direct to your ears.

“Passionate about independent music”

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