Hello how are you? If I feign interest, don’t worry. It’s because I’m trying to work out how to add you into my novel. Take no offence, except knowing that you’ll be an ‘extra’ in a shit novel.

My name is Jon and I write. It’s a sickness I’ve suffered from for most of my life. I’ve used a variety of antibiotics to try to fight it over the years… clubbing, alcohol, football, the pub, films, marriage. But every time, I succumb to it like a child.

I have had ‘stuff’ (the best phrase to describe nothing and everything) published, not least through IP1’s own production, ‘Lip,’ and I’m currently working on at least three projects. On the basis that I’ll either never finish them or they’ll be shit, I won’t bother telling you any more.

I have attached some of my work on this profile for your general hilarity. Please remember, don’t be too harsh, I’m as sensitive as a butterfly.

Yours, and mine.


PS. Oh yes, I’m 23, live and work in Ipswich, am married to Lauren and enjoy drinking coffee.

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