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Steven S


I am a writer based in Suffolk. ‘The Map of the Known World’ was my first novel although previously I have had short stories published in a SF/Fantasy magazine. My writing reflects my love of history and mythology.

I am fortunate in living in East Anglia, a region of England steeped in folktale and rich with historical wonders such as the Sutton Hoo Anglo-Saxon burial grounds, the castles of Orford and Framlingham and the majestic Ely Cathedral. The content and themes of my novels have also been heavily influenced by my interest in the natural world and environmental issues.

My literary influences include the works of Philip Pullman, J.R.R. Tolkien, Richard Adams and George Orwell. The second volume of the ‘Tree of Life’ Trilogy’, ‘The Ordeal of Fire’, is now available. ‘The Map of the Known World’ is available priced £10.99 or for FREE as a PDF download. ‘The Ordeal of Fire’ is priced £10.99 for the paperback, and £0.99 for PDF download.

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