Sexually active under 25s living in Suffolk are being encouraged to find out if they have a sexually transmitted infection (STI) called Chlamydia and to take a test every year or every time they change sexual partners.

Most people won’t know that they have it (up to 1 in 12 young people do) as there may be no signs or symptoms. 

It is serious as it can cause long term health problems such as infertility (unable to have a baby).

Testing is simple and painless - no unpleasant examination or swabs, and if needed, it is easily treated with antibiotics.

Remember - using condoms helps to prevent pregnancy and STIs.

How do I get screened?

All testing for under 25s is FREE and handled in the strictest of confidence.

For any other information and advice call us on 01473 275228 or check out amiclear.com

If you are under 16, you can still get a self Chlamydia test but you need to visit one of our community clinics, or see your practice nurse at your GP practice. Both options are confidential.

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