Reach 14–35 year-olds across Suffolk with Content Marketing, Social Marketing, and Web Advertising


Content Marketing

Editorial on our website improves your SEO, reaches thousands of people, and generates a high level of engagement
Articles appear on our Homepage for 48 hours, before moving to our Community Blogs section where they stay live permanently. Content can be written by IP1, or supplied by the client. Find out more

  • 1 article – £100
  • 2 articles – £175
  • 3 articles – £250

    A hub page on our website defines your brand, and quickly informs our readers about the products and services you offer
    Articles are linked to your hub page so users can quickly and easily find out more about you. Hub pages stay live permanently on our website and are good for your SEO. Find out more

  • Hub page – £150

    Social Marketing

    Take your brand further by investing in Social Marketing across Facebook and Twitter, with guaranteed high reach for your articles
    We can target your marketing at key audiences, and can guarantee you results in advance. Find out more

  • 1 article – £200
  • 2 articles – £350
  • 3 articles – £500

  • Hub page – £300

    Web Advertising

    Adverts appear on every page of our website and get seen by thousands of people every month
    Artwork can be supplied by the client or designed by IP1 for an additional fee. Find out more

  • Leaderboard – £150/month
  • Skyscraper – £150/month
  • MPU – £200/month

    Digital Marketing Packages

    Save up to 40% and maximise your campaign by choosing a Bronze, Silver, or Gold package
    A bespoke combination of any of the above elements tailored to your needs. Packages offer unbeatable value-for-money! Find out more

  • Bronze – £720 (10% off)
  • Silver – £960 (20% off)
  • Gold – £1200 (40% off)

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