IP1 Magazine

IP1 magazine comes out quarterly and is available for free online or from many places in Ipswich and Suffolk.

Issue 44 Cover

Issue 44

Featuring: Branding Yourself, Della Reed, Dingus Khan, Brooches, Blended Families, Diary of a God, Art Fags and The Resurgence in Vinyl (vinyl is back, you dig?)

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Issue 43 Cover

Issue 43

Featuring: NEET beaters, STIX festival, Ben Giles, Lewis Mokler, Age of Anxiety, Diary of Le Sandwich, Tuck Bannigan (Investigative Reporter) and Diablo Ink (Is that a pinned open demon vagina on your elbow?)

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Issue 42 Cover

Issue 42

Featuring: Exploitation vs Enterprise, Craig Lawrence, Elimination, Emile Warnes, Languid, Parents dying young, Young people on drugs, Writing a bestseller and Diary of a Suffolk Goth (My teddy bear loves me for who I am!)

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Issue 41 Cover

Issue 41

Featuring: London vs Suffolk, Cathedrals & Cars, Refracture, Moth, Youth Offending, Suffolk Punch and Womaneater (Men aren’t bastards, they’re zombies!)

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Issue 40 Cover

Issue 40

Featuring: Promoters that Don’t Let Music Die, Battle Rap, Joseph Grand, Date with Destiny, Mr Millerchip, Degree Addict and Dumpsville (there’s plenty more fish in the sea but unfortunately you don’t have a rod)!

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Issue 23 Cover

Issue 23

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