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Feel good

Nee-Hi - Feel Good Produced by Lawrence the cool kid

Another track off ‘The Delorean’ E.P download it here.

or the torrent here:

Best played at a high volume level through the biggest speakers you can find!

Don’t be scared to dance!
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1 Nickos23 | on 18 May 2009

I really like this, it genuinely does make you feel good!

2 Howard | on 18 May 2009

This song made me clap, and applause. Brilliant tune, Pascal.

3 Nee-Hi | on 19 May 2009

Thank you. Glad you like it.

4 shazy | on 19 August 2009

normally i’m not particularly keen on this kind of music, but this track got me bobbing my head, love it! can see me dancing to this in a disco somewhere.

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