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Banjo Bills Blues Band

A 2D band to rival the gorrilaz on Top of the pops…...........sort of:).

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Banjo Bills Blues Band


1 m.farrar | on 01 December 2008

dude, whats your email?

2 Tom | on 01 December 2008

Please use the email feature on Joel’s profile. You shouldn’t post your emails publically online unless you love getting spam.
You can also find his email on his website…

3 JenONeill | on 02 January 2009

Like this one! Hope your hiccups have been cured now Joel! Hoping to make it down for your live art show thing at the swan this month, is that still on?

4 joel | on 05 January 2009

me thinks so, i have just got to finalise a few things next week, i will let you know.

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