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MuTATE BRITAIN - One foot In The Grove

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MuTATE BRITAIN - One foot In The Grove

Bored of going to gallery’s? MuTATE BRITAIN are running another great show over this month, ‘One Foot In The Grove’ is run out of love for the art, this is not your average graffiti and the work by Mutoid Waste is scary. It’s great for us kids and for the oldies too I really recommend going to this in the evening, just off Portobello market if your around London this is a must see, the bar is cool and the music hot, but what do you expect when the DJ’s are robots with CCTV cameras for heads!


Open on : FRI 12-10pm / SAT 12-10pm / SUN 12-9pm

Ends: 25.10.2009

Location: 3-6 Acklam Rd, London, W10 5YU

Entrance: £1 before 6pm – £3 thereafter


1 Quinnell | on 19 October 2009

sounds good, bit more useful than my blog

2 Howard | on 28 October 2009

Quality blog, Lozz. You get a gold star. But you always get gold stars don’t you smile

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