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Im now doodling on people! what next, ideas please?

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1 Natalie Esther | on 11 February 2010

this looks epic,
very well done (:

another idea would be a doodle bra,
or a doodle mask.
-like one of those posh victorian ones, or phantom of the opera style. (:

hope you like my ideas. ^^

2 Tommy Human | on 12 February 2010

Yeah fantastic,
Doodle-bra, i suprisingly didnt think of that one.
and doodle mask is def a possibility
keep the ideas coming!

3 Michelle Nichols | on 05 April 2011

Wow thats amazing!!

Doodle mask sounds amazing. If you fancy collaborating let me know Mr Doodle!

Thank you for kind comments on my song


4 Instinctivesounds | on 23 May 2011

WoW! love that.

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