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Help me start a Disco, Re-edits and Funk Night!?

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Help me start a Disco, Re-edits and Funk Night!?

Hey everyone, I’m really interested in starting a new night in Ipswich, preferably free and on a Saturday or maybe Friday. I have a few venues in mind and a couple of DJs, but would love some help promoting, exposure and possibly with artwork.
If anyone wants to get involved or is just interested in attending something like this please comment below or email me at:

.(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

I don’t want it to be a full on cheese affair with wigs and all, but more like thissss…..
Gwen Mcrae - Keep The Fire Burning
Floating Points - Vacuum Boogie
The Revenge - Night Flight

Thanks everyone, hope to hear more.


1 Hamual | on 02 March 2010

Wheels are now in motion, date & venue confirmed. Watch this space!

2 Howard | on 02 March 2010

i love funky disco craziness and am gonna dance my red hot butt off!!

p.s. please post more links to more cool songs.

3 Hamual | on 03 March 2010

Oh yeah? Try these out for size smile

Tyrone Brunson - The Smarf

Cameo - Back & Forth

Dam Funk - Mirrors

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