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*REVIEW* Foreign Beggars - Ice Bar - 8th May

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*REVIEW* Foreign Beggars - Ice Bar - 8th May

Three things: First of all a big “sorry lads” to the hardworking people behind Rapsploitation and Low Pass who put this night together for the embarrassing lateness of this write up. I had a great time, honestly and it did stick in the memory, luckily enough for me.  Secondly,  I have to say what an excellent decision it was to put a big fat booming system into the Ice Bar for the show. As far as I’m concerned more is more when it comes to bass, so long may this continue.  Thirdly, it is very noticeable how much Millionaires by Morning’s confidence and presence on stage seems to have grown over the few shows they’ve done around town. Excellent again tonight, the cover of Got Your Money to close is a classy, funky touch. Word is they’re wrapping up the shows for a while and concentrating on writing which is certainly very exciting for all.  I’m sure I am not alone in anticipating some great stuff to come from the lads. 

The visit from the Foreign Beggars then, though potentially diluted by some missing band members, but immediately thickened up again by the presence of Dr Syntax and Kyza who combined to produce a marvellously hi-octane rap show.  Pros all of them, the pass-the-mic antics were catalysts for some rap-raving aided in no small part by the excellent and progressive selections from the DJ.  Flying Lotus and Dorian Concept tracks brought some Hip Hop beats that elude classification and some proper Dubstep bangers “rinsed it out” as they say – Easter Jam, which I’ve not heard out for months, a particular highlight. (These technophobic hands of mine cannot do an in-text hyperlink to the Youtube of that track, but search it if you don’t know it it’s by Chase ‘N Status and it’s rude).

All this led on nicely to Hush House DJ’s wobble Dubstep which as I said before sounded excellent with the large PA, and was enthusiastically received.  It was a shame that by the time Di Di closed the night with a bit of Jungle the PA was already getting packed up, but it was a small black mark in a night otherwise covered in big green ticks.


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