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Survival Guide to Festivals

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Survival Guide to Festivals

It’s that time of the year music lovers: festival season is upon us! Whether you’ll be travelling to Reading, Download, Glastonbury or Suffolk’s very own Latitude weekend, below features a number of handy tips for getting the most out of your weekend:

1) Make sure you take toilet rolls, baby wipes and plenty of cash. There’s nothing worse than having to queue at the on-site cash point for an hour.

2) Try to avoid taking too much in the way of valuables, or if you have to, investing in secure lockers may be worthwhile.

3) Wellies! If the forecast looks bad then wellies are invaluable when your campsite turns into the Somme.

4) If possible take a disposable barbecue for your first night. It helps to save on costs of overpriced food which you’ll be surviving on for the rest of the weekend.

5) Try to use the toilets and showers early on in the morning when they will not be as busy. By around nine the queues will have started building.

6) A festival t-shirt or poster is a great souvenir for a memorable weekend.

7) A strong trolley or sack-barrow is useful for the inevitable long trek from the car park to the campsite but only bring this is you can realistically fit it in the car!

8) If possible take large cartons for carrying water to save having to fill up small bottles lots.

9) Be sure to befriend your neighbours. They are always great to hang out with whilst you wile away the campsite hours and you never know if you may need their help.

10) Have fun! It’s a great weekend with good friends and good music so make it memorable!


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