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Review: SUS, PULSE festival 2010

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Review: SUS, PULSE festival 2010

SUS - Being detained on suspicion of committing a crime without evidence; or if you’re Ipswich’s PULSE festival, a brilliant platform to delve into the world of early Thatcherism and her men in blue. Set on the night of the 1979 elections with the foreboding knowledge that: Yes She Will Get In! We get a glimpse at Delroy’s story, a black man detained on Sus.

Carried out in the strict lino boundaries of an interrogation room we witness the abuse of power by two hostile police officers over their grieving detainee. It’s a room the officers can escape from to catch the voting outcomes but Delroy cannot. After what seems like hours of interrogation I can speak for all the audience when I say that we felt frustration and contempt for the entire justice system.  The violence and racial slurs that peak at Delroy’s claims to be innocent can only be described as a very well thought out articulation of how racial hate filters from the top.

I was inspired and provoked by the play, and would recommend it to anyone who appreciates refined acting, British history, provoking scripts or has an hour to spend on being cultured.



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