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Title:  Samson
Medium:  Silhouette paper-cut in black paper. Cut by hand using a scalpel.
Dimensions:  Framed size: 49 x 39 cm. Unframed size: 40 x 29 cm.
Date:  March 2008
Comments:  Samson’s great physical strength lay in his long hair. He became weak when his head was shaved while he slept. But his hair grew back, and one last time he prayed to God to renew his strength so he could avenge himself on his enemies. Leaning against the pillars of their temple, he brought it crashing down upon them all, killing himself in the process.

The image is strongly inspired by the Rastafarian tradition. Hence I have depicted the hair as matted locks or roots that connect him back to the energies of Mother Earth.

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1 Smemalem | on 18 August 2010

This looks so so different to the rest of your work. I think it’s the not so smooth sinuous line. The first thing that sprung to mind was ‘strength’ before I read the description. ;] Do well my love.

2 Lois Cordelia | on 18 August 2010

Many thanks! smile

Yes, sometimes the rebel spirit in me gets a wee bit tired of creating nothing but graceful flowing feminine forms, so I choose something with a bit more masculine ‘umph!’ lol

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