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Ipswich will be the scene of espionage and terrorism come late September as THE MARK; the town’s first game of Assassin hits.

The premise is simple. Assassinate your mark whilst avoiding attempts made on yourself.
What are the weapons of choice for our budding spies and secret agents? It’s the trusty water pistol.

The three week event will be taking place from late September into October and is open to teams and individuals from around the Ipswich area. The players will be given limited information about their targets and will have to plan when, how and where to make their “assassination” attempts.

Vigilance is expected, with the more calculating and cautious players staying alive long enough to make it into the later rounds.

The team responsible hopes to pit students against teachers and sales assistants against office workers to find and crown Ipswich’s own 007 or Jason Bourne.

“We’ve seen similar ideas and stories of games taking place in London and American University campus’s and thought - That would be fun to take part in”

“We figured that the only way we were going to see something like that take place in our town is if we organised it ourselves”

The team who refer to themselves as “THE AGENCY” hope to have enough interest and success to make this an annual event.

“We’ve been throwing the idea around amongst our friends and have had allot of good responses. We’ve started a blog and are beginning to push the idea on Facebook too, hopefully that will generate some interest from the rest of the community”

The game is open to Ipswich residents only, however players from outside the town are encouraged to join teams.

If you are interested in participating in THE MARK, you can find further information on THE AGENCY’s website


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