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I wrote this poem for my Father in laws funeral, on behalf of my Mother in Law.  Funerals always make me realise how short life is and to grasp each opportunity.  It seems an appropriate opening to my page.  I hope you enjoy it x

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Tread gently as you walk my love
To where you now must go
Shade yourself from autumn sun
Under trees, where crocus grow.

Brace yourself for night time’s chill
As your guided by the stars
Remember there’s no need to rush
And please don’t go too far.

For one day I shall gently tread
The path you’ve gone before
Shall grasp your hand and hold you
And walk with you once more.


1 Howard | on 03 November 2008

This is lovely, Michelle.

One small thing… “As YOU’RE guided by the stars.” Sorry that’s the editor coming out in me.

Do you have any more?

2 Michelle Yellop | on 03 November 2008

I’m just useless sometimes!  Hopefully uploading some stories i’ve written soon.  Time always an issue.  Thanks ever so much for the feedback.  Always appreciated.

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