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Sitting on the Suffolk coast, making friends with the seagulls. Even if they’re only using me for my food they’re the only friends I have in 20 miles. I took a wrong turn on the way here but I can’t be lost because I didn’t know where I was in the first place. It’s cold here but the sun keeps popping out to see me. Can I be reincarnated as a seagull please?
People have invaded my lonely place. Think I preferred the seagulls.
Everything is sharp here; the stones, the air, the rubbish shell sculpture. But when the sun stops hiding, it seems to smooth everything out. The stones look smoother, the air gently glides past you and the sculpture doesn’t look quite as rubbish.
I feel sorry for the sea. It’s so vast and deep, no one will ever know the horrors it holds. I want to tell it that one day it will be a cloud, like the ones it has to stare at everyday. One day it will be free from pollution and other peoples shit.
So will I.


1 Howard | on 03 November 2010

I think this is brilliant, Holly. Although you don’t need the ‘So will I’ at the end – without it it’s far more clever.

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