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1 Howard | on 29 November 2010

Like the pop and funk, is there any style you boys can’t do? Classical. I bet you can’t do classical…

Still being let down by one too many syllables in the rhymes, particularly on the second verse which is too loose.

But on the plus side, it’s the catchiest GK number yet, very radio friendly, and is the kind of tune that would get me shaking my hiney!

So wanna see you take this into a live band format, with me on the guitar/keys/backing vocals if you’ll have me. Or as your roadie, I’m not fussy.

2 Frisky Dingo | on 30 November 2010

We take risks with lyrics! Braaaaaap What!

Love to have you as our roadie, you can make the coffees

3 Howard | on 30 November 2010

Great, I’ll take that. I’m very good at making coffee. How much will you pay me, and in what commodities?

4 Frisky Dingo | on 30 November 2010

The only thing we can give you is our bodies, and by ‘our’, I mean ‘Liam’s’ body; it’s not well paid.

But so help you if my coffee isn’t satisfactory!

5 Howard | on 30 November 2010

What about a share of your groupies? With every respect to Liam, he’s not really my cup of…coffee

6 Tinny Buffnell | on 30 November 2010

Our groupies are old balding men in thick frames & dirty macs that wanna talk dirty about wires & circuit boards… But you’re welcome to your share! xxx

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