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Houston we have an L.P

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Houston we have an L.P

The new release from myself Nee-Hi is ‘Houston we have an L.P’. It was released on 11th December for FREE download via

The L.P is completely free and independent. There are also free Cd’s being distributed in parts of Suffolk, Essex and London. There are also videos released for two tracks, one is ‘Game Time’ which can be found here:

The other is ‘Nice knowing you’ a track which features Sutton’s very own ‘Sketchman’. The video was shot and edited by Sketchman himself and can be found here:

A video for ‘Satellite Fly’ another track off the L.P will be released soon.

Please take the time to download the L.P and listen as I put a lot of energy and hard work in to it… Plus, it’s free.

Get it here for FREE:

For more info about Nee-Hi go to


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