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This is something I wrote to some uni website with the keyword ‘dream’. It was a competition to win some shopping vouchers.
Sadly, I didn’t win, which means I still have to take my purse into Asda.

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I’ve had a million dreams.
I still have a million dreams.

Every time I shut my eyes, or tune myself out of the world for a few minutes a new one appears and I’ll take a few minutes out to ponder, What if?
Of course, some have faded and some have failed – through growing up and realising in reality I cannot become a Princess/Mermaid/Fairy/Barbie.

As I’ve got older however,  I’ve grasped onto those dreams I can visualise becoming a reality and as I’ve got older these realistic dreams have become more important to me. And as I’ve got older I’ve discovered it’s me who is responsible in making these dreams happen through hard work and determination.
You can’t just wake up one morning in a castle with a crown on your head. 

One consistent and important dream, which I’m sure I share with number of individuals my age, is success. We want to have career we can be proud of – one in which we can comfortably live off and most importantly enjoy. We dream of excelling in what we are talented in and being able to demonstrate and use it as an aid to others.

And in reality, some of us know we can make it happen. I am, for example, using university as a plank of wood towards building a stable bridge – to help me cross questionable waters to the bank of success on the other side. At university I am able learn, gain independence, life skills and a qualification which again can help me build that bridge across. In short, I’ll have the chance to make my dreams come true.


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