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Satellite Fly (Official Video)

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Satellite Fly (Official Video)

Nee-Hi presents yet another MTV quality music video from the rising young star, Nee-Hi. At only 20 years old he is already setting the pace for unsigned artists by his ever rising high standard of work. Most artists starting out in the music industry would be content with a £50 music video shot on a street corner. Theres nothing wrong with that at all, but Nee-Hi seems to be upping his game, settling for nothing but the best. His latest video ‘Satellite Fly’ was shot by Jacuzzi Films who have made videos for the likes of Devlin, Fugative and even Enrique Inglasias’ ‘Tonight’ video. Check out this video below.

How Nee-Hi is still unsigned is beyond me, with a diverse album catering to all kinds of fan bases from underground to commercial, catchy hooks, deep lyrics and a flawless flow, be sure to download his album ‘Housten We Have An LP’ below and be one of the first to know about Nee-Hi before he blows! Without leaking anything, it is safe to say that this isnt the last you’ll hear of Nee-Hi as he has a packed schedule for 2011. (Via Grime Time Promotions & Mind Of Grime)

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